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Welcome to Emily Rose Monk Education

BLEACH ME: helping you to conquer your fears, understanding application methods and achieving the perfect lift.


FOIL ME: How to perfect the 'Emily Rose Monk' Signature Blonde, techniques to reduce your application time whilst achieving the perfect lift. 


CORRECT ME: Build your confidence and application techniques when working with darker hair including the in-depth theory required for those big jobs. 

Scalp Bleaching


Sometimes a scalp bleach is the best technique to achieve your desired result,

but how often do you find yourself avoiding this service altogether?


Stop talking yourself out of this because you’re afraid of breakage and the dreaded yellow! Now more than ever there is a huge demand for platinum blonde.  Emily Rose Monk shares her exclusive methods on how to create one of her signature styles along with all the theory you need to do this safely and correctly. 

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Foil Placement and Sectioning Patterns


Do you ALWAYS get bleeds on your highlights? Are lines the bane of your life?

Does choosing a toner send your mind into overdrive?


It’s time to put the foils down, step back and learn from the best - Emily Rose Monk. Known for her seamless foil work Emily will take you step by step through her process, allowing you to perfect all your foiling techniques.

Colour Correction

Whether you’re working with a botched DIY job or a complete colour change,

expertise in corrective work is crucial.


If you can master colour correction, clients will keep on coming back to your chair. Let go of your fears surrounding this transformation process as you are guided through the latest techniques for the most common corrections requested by clients. Emily Rose Monk will take your confidence in this service to new levels, exceeding yours and your client’s expectations every single time. 

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